Construction like any other businesses nowadays is not limited to knowledge, time and budget. One of the most important recourses is information which needs to be used in the right direction.
In our opinion the main criteria in the construction business are the quality, price and time of completion the project. All of it we’re trying to provide for our customers working with different companies in Illinois and Wisconsin.
Almost in our all supply companies we have opened accounts that provide us with discounts for the materials bought. In its turn this helps us to decrease the project costs in total.
Most of our subcontractors work with us for years. Of course there are a lot of good new companies that start working with us in the course of time.
It’s very important for us that our subcontractors do a high quality job, observe safety rules and could insure themselves. That’s why the companies we are working with possess large experience in their specialty, and also have all necessary General Liability Insurances and Worker's Compensations.
We always keep posted on the latest news and events in the construction business. That’s why except building the houses or doing a simple remodeling we could also do consulting services for our customers.
Call us if you have any questions or suggestion.

With respect,
BARS Construction, Inc.